Nice to meet you


I am a refined mistress-experienced Dom, professional in different arts, deeply respectful of boundaries and privacy, dedicated to enriching lives. Embracing my authentic Sadist style, my aim as a lesbian is to impart enjoyable lessons on proper behavior while staying true to myself.

In all that I do, I find genuine enjoyment, offering only services that elevate my frequency and ensure authentic fun for all involved. I welcome generous subs into my Queendom, where judgment dissipates, and impeccability reigns supreme in all levels.

Within our BDSM realm, I foster a safe playground for the privileged ones who are in my divine presence, to explore a deep connection and celebrate their unique desires freely, encouraging the embrace of our true selves.

Co-creator of Mistresses’ Oasis retreat & as a Scorpio woman, I embody both delicacy and strength, drawing from my lineage as a descendant of Amazonian goddesses. Raised in South America amidst a patriarchal society, l advocate for the value and respect of women in all environments.

My multicultural upbringing, as Spanish native, I was educated in Europe most of my life, that enriches my perspective. I am Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, and English (with basic proficiency in Italian and German), 1 pursued journalism at university while continuously expanding my knowledge in various areas of life.

I inspire my Subs to embrace healthier habits by prioritizing the care of my own temple through regular exercise , conscious habits and mindful eating. It's gratifying to see them experience significant improvements in their lifestyle as a result.

As a coach, I offer therapeutic sessions with a unique blend of expertise in Tantra, medicinal plants, and holistic wellbeing, weaving together ancient wisdom with contemporary practices. Set in elegant spaces adorned with candles and a variety of toys, my dynamic sessions foster both enjoyment and enlightenment.

Through these experiences, clients embark on a journey of exploration, discovering new dimensions of pleasure while honing their skills and cultivating a desire for deeper exploration into various kinks.

My energy is fueled by physical training, water sports, and outdoor activities, which aligns perfectly with my love for travel and new experiences. As an enthusiast of both the adrenaline of aquatic thrills and the tranquility of a day at the spa, I embody balance and versatility.

Meet in me a person with multifaceted passions, ready to share moments that are as emotionally rich as they are sensually fulfilling. My experiences in BDSM are crafted with a blend of sensuality, beauty, discretion, fun, and intelligence, ensuring a meticulous attention to every detail.

As a partner adept in co-creating extraordinary experiences, I invite you to join me on this enchanting journey. Together, we will explore the depths and heights of pleasure and connection in a world where our passions ignite and intertwine.