Mistress Ivanka


BERLIN 30th May - 3rd June

IBIZA 3rd - 23th June

PARIS 24th June - 30th June

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FranceFemDom 27th - 29th June

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Hello my future Sub,
In your first message, please include your WhatsApp number and a brief introduction detailing what you seek, the time required, and any specific details necessary for your reservation. This information is crucial to tailor our sessions.

For bookings and special requests, please reach out via email. In your message, include detailed information about what you're looking for, preferred timing, and any other relevant details to ensure a seamless and customized experience.

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As a conscious Dom, I provide customized therapeutic sessions designed to create a safe and supportive environment. My presence ensures a secure container and a playground for exploration, where healthy boundaries are respected. By blending BDSM with holistic practices, I offer a unique approach to personal growth and healing.

I am committed to doing only what I enjoy and what elevates my energy. By engaging passionately in everything, I feel a thrilling sense of elevation. As a sadist, I relish challenging you to satisfy my desires, and because I am not selfish, I find joy in rewarding you. This exchange of energy nurtures and expands my creativity, allowing us to play more and better.Are you prepared to unlock a deeper connection with powerful women through my customized training?

Envision yourself surrendering control, submitting to your trusted mistress within our clandestine sanctuary of pleasure

This is one of the most precious insights you'll acquire from my personalized coaching. With my expertise, I can empower you as a man and refine you as a gentleman. Improving your demeanor will not only benefit you in serving your mistress with excellence but also in connecting with refined women worldwide. As you integrate the invaluable lessons I impart, you'll be amazed by the opportunities that unfold, creating an experience akin to paradise on earth.

Become the man every woman desires!!!

Teaming up with the finest mistresses globally, I craft personalized experiences tailored to your preferences. Offering you and your group a supportive atmosphere where participants can fully explore their authentic selves while engaging in a variety of kink activities and arts amidst a paradisiacal backdrop. Attendees can refine their skills through workshops led by expert mistresses, all while savoring exquisite cuisine, drinks, and lavish treatments for ultimate relaxation. This unique encounter ensures everyone departs feeling refreshed and fulfilled, having gained profound insights and cherished moments with esteemed Dominas.

I am your sophisticated mistress—skilled, professional, and respectful of boundaries, committed to enhancing lives. As a lesbian, my aim is to provide enjoyable lessons on proper behavior while embracing my authentic Sadist style. I welcome you into my Queendom where judgment fades, allowing the freedom to embrace your true self. Within our BDSM realm, I offer a safe playground for you to explore and celebrate your unique desires freely.

I am a vibrant and elegant Goddess dedicated to the refined art of living, blending companionship and travel services with practices like yoga and dance, to create enriching and emotionally significant experiences in both personal settings and during travels, while maintaining a balance of energy and tranquility.

Here's what Slaves says about Mistress Ivanka

Grande et élégante Ivanka a tout pour plaire on peut pas le nier.

Jackpot pour moi en tout cas car tout a été réussi. Prise de rdv, dès l'ouverture j'ai su que j'allais passé un moment magique... et bing c'est çà c'était amazing

Rub - November 2023

Merci merci merci Ivanka, tout était parfait, le lieux, l'ambiance et biensur ta compagnie dont on ne peut plus se passer une fois qu'on y a gouté, j'ai hate de te revoir

Raz - March 2024

It was a real privilege to serve You for the whole 3 hours!
Mistress Ivanka, you have made me happy, I think of You all the time. Thank You for coming to visit us in Riyadh. I will definitely come to serve You again while You are here!

Your obedient slave, Abdul

Abdul - December 2023

Great and elegant, Ivanka has it all.

Jackpot for me in any case, because everything worked out. As soon as I made the appointment, I knew I was in for a magical moment... and bing it was amazing!

Thank you thank you thank you Ivanka, everything was perfect, the place, the atmosphere and of course your company which we can't do without once we've tasted it, I can't wait to see you again.


Out of respect for this passionate mistress, I would like to thank her for this extraordinary session. For her, domination is a vocation. She is naturally beautiful, charismatic, bewitching, sensitive to the expectations of the submissive, very sensitive, a look of ember, these sessions are thought and elaborated and even if the language had to be an obstacle to the session, she will work with the look and the gestures it is its force, she manages. If you are looking for a real serious dominant, this is undoubtedly the right address. Thank you Mistress Ivanka, you have thought of me and conquered me. Respect, you are a real goddess.

Jason April 2024

An experience rich in emotion, don't hesitate to ask Ivanka about your fantasies, she's resourceful and doesn't lie, she's incredible.

Hassan 2024

Thank you sincerely for your feedback! I value honesty and see my Queendom as a safe space for exploration and growth. Feel free to share your fantasies with me—I'm dedicated to helping you find the resources to make them a reality. My creativity thrives on uncovering new fetishes, so let's keep uncovering hidden treasures together! ❤️‍🔥

Mike May 2024